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When we do it,
we do it perfectly!

Data Process Execution is a full cycle software development company with a background and expertise in web development, website maintenance, software creation, data processing and IT consulting. Our ultimate goal is to deliver a product to our customers that will take their businesses sky high and pave their way to success. We have everything to make it real: a team of world-class talent, rich experience, and a hunger for challenging new projects.

What we do

IT consulting

Information technology consulting services (IT Consulting, in other words) provide IT solutions & strategies and their implementation. Data Process Execution is ready to support all companies that want to keep up with the times and derive greater profits from their business.

Data processing

Data processing is our strong suit. We support companies in converting their raw data sets (both historical and real-time data) into practical stuff. Data Process Execution provides services that can boost businesses and business profits due to unprecedented analytical potential.

Software development

Software development is key when it comes to turning bold business ideas into reality. Data Process Execution has the necessary technical competence and cross-sectoral experience to make the digitalization of your business both efficient and smooth. It doesn't matter how complex your idea is - we may just need more time to make it real.

Web development & website maintenance

Data Process Execution deals in development and maintenance of websites that are fully in line with all your requirements and standards. While taking the lead in web development, Data Process Execution helps companies boost their efficiency, push up sales, and enhance security on the web.

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Our values

Advanced engineering standards

Achievement of outstanding results is impossible without advanced technologies. While working for end users from different business domain, we have gained multi-sectoral expertise that in combination with innovative decisions and simple methods yields stellar outcomes.

Huge experience

Customer satisfaction and confidence are what defines the company's success. It's nice to know that thanks to us lots of our clients have achieved everything they were working toward, because our customers' results is the best proof that we are on the right path and have to keep moving.

Clear development process

We advocate an integrated and open development process, and welcome our customers to participate in every step of product building. We keep it transparent, so our customers can control the whole process from the very beginning to the end.

Results-oriented approach

We appreciate our customers’ requirements. When we start a project, we know exactly how we are going to complete it. Our development process is entirely based on market requirements coupled with our clients' feedback to build a product that meets your expectations.

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