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IT consulting

In a world where businesses are striving for digitalization, it's not that easy to cope with new technology solutions or applications and systems that require urgent updates. Data Process Execution has for many years been dealing with the integration of information technology into businesses, resulting in deeper market penetration or entry into new market and income growth.

We can help you guide your business along a new IT path. Our assistance covers enterprise management system installation, investment support, ongoing maintenance, and more.

IT Consulting Services we provide:

Cost Optimization & Business Processes

IT Service Management Assessment

Project & Program Management

IT Strategy and Planning

IT Leadership Services

Risk Management

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Data processing

Data processing covers acquisition and digitalization of data obtained from different sources. Data Process Execution is an expert in business data processing and offers services that fully comply with international standards.

We offer a broad range of services that include, but are not limited to, data capture, data and transaction processing, data conversion, as well as web development and design.

Data digitalization by Data Process Execution covers all the milestones to successfully convert your information into the desired format. You can be 100% sure that you will get a quality data processing service with us.

What we offer

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Insurance Claims Processing

Survey Processing

Cheque Processing

Form Processing

Data Cleansing

Image Processing

Being a pro in sophisticated technologies, our customers enjoy our outstanding data harvesting, processing, and database management services.

Web development and website maintenance

Data Process Execution is a leading web development company that builds readily adaptable digital solutions tailored to our customers' needs and requirements. The tools and solutions that we provide include the following: HTML, Joomla, PHP, Web 2.0, WordPress, Magento and OS Commerce.

Our wealth of knowledge enables us to combine dynamic PHP and database languages: CSS, PHP Code, HTML, and MySQL, and hence create custom products.

Additionally, we can build advanced web development products with the use of Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend and Laravel, and guarantee them to be cross-device and cross-platform compatible.

Custom solutions development

Customization of products means their adaptation to customers' business needs.


For many years we have been building digital services, and now we can help companies upgrade their outdated back-end and front-end features, which they now have at their disposal.

While developing web and mobile solutions, we provide portal development services, business intelligence products as well as their maintenance and support.

Web development and maintenance

Web development is all about versatile information architecture, user-friendly design, and overall ease of use.


The services that we offer include programming and design and navigation and management systems architecting.


Moreover, the web solutions developed by Data Process Execution live up to the high standards of our customers and hence work flawlessly.

Portal development

The corporate and web portals that we build are based on CMS web development. Corporate portals cover extra- and intranets as well as engagement workplaces, while the web portals are highly-efficient and cost-effective with excellent opportunities for further development.

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IT consulting
Data processing
Web development
Software development

Software development

Data Process Execution is a reliable supplier of custom-made digital products that fully meet the requirements of end users.

Drawing on our vast experience, we provide comprehensive and customized software development services, so our customers can start using them as soon as they have been developed.


What we pay attention to in the development stage


Safety & quality

We are an experienced, passionate, success-oriented group of individuals that really like what we do!


Software versions

We always think several software versions ahead even if the product hasn't been released yet.


Component recycling

We reuse some components (platforms, services, frameworks, etc.) to optimize your time and costs.


Profit matters

Our long-run objective is customer interest in your business as well as brand recognition and competitiveness. Profit increase is also important.


Risk mitigation

We estimate all possible hazards we could face (budget, money, etc.), hence proceed to product development only after the proper identification of risks are made. 


Behavior monitoring

We monitor your users' behavior to identify what performance problems your product has and foresee what exactly your users expect of your product UX.

Six steps of software development

1. Business analysis & analytics

Using business analytics, we assess your business requirements and make them a priority of the software product we are going to develop based on your needs.

2. Software development & management

When developing, we start with architecture, coding and integration, and then move to UX and UI design. We are solely responsible for project management as a whole, and inform our customers about all steps of development.

3. Quality assurance & testing

We constantly test our software for errors. To reduce the number of bugs and accelerate development, we first review the code and then test performance, operation comfort, security, etc.


4. Risk mitigation

Risk estimation and mitigation is prioritized when it comes to budget calculation. We take into account all risks, from order schedules and security to staff risks.

5. Software delivery

What you will receive upon software delivery:

ready-to-use software, install program, source code, user instructions, specification, installation and maintenance manual, warranty, intellectual property rights, maintenance and support services.

6. Management of changes

We engage our customers in software change management to analyze how these changes can affect business logic. If the impact is significant, we adapt the changes we make.

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